Photographic Prints for Sale
Pricing and ordering photographs from

(If you want to license an image for other than private use, please go to Commercial use of photographs)

General information
Most photographs from are available custom-made professional photographic prints for your home and office decoration. Contact me first to make sure the photograph of your choice is obtainable (e.g. images with reference number starting with 2453 cannot be provided at the moment).
The photographs represented for sale on the site constitute only a small amount of the images contained in my files. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a particular image in mind that you may not initially see. I will be happy to let you know if I have something that may fit your needs!

Prints are made on Ilford paper and you can choose between glossy or matte finish.

Because of the huge variety of people houses’ interiors, I do not offer framing options. I am sure your local store will help you out to find frames that will go well with your existing decoration and furniture. Shipping pictures unframed makes it also faster and cheaper.

Open vs. limited
Open-End Prints: These prints are open-ended with no restrictions placed on the number of reproductions produced throughout its run. They are cheaper and should be available on an on-going basis.
Limited Edition Prints: These prints are limited to a select number of reproductions to total no more that 150. Once the maximum number has been reached, that image is retired and will never again be reproduced as a photographic print for sale. This means that each print truly is a collectible work of art, and an investment that once retired is sure to increase in value.

PRINT SIZE (inches)
to 8x10
EUR 75 (US$ 90)
to 10x15
EUR 135 (US$ 165)
EUR 285 (US$ 345)
to 24x36
EUR 500 (US$ 600)
EUR 850 (US$ 1025)

Note: minimum order starts at EUR 100 (US$ 120).
Prices include airmail shipping. Recorded mail, EMS, Fed-Ex and other couriers available for an additional fee, please inquire. Print orders are processed upon clearing of your check.

Because of differences in monitors and operating systems, there might be color and lightness variations between the image you see on your monitor and the actual print.
If you receive a damaged image, return the damaged material and I will replace it with new one. There are no refunds. All sales are final.

Copyright issue
I feel it is important to stress out that prints are sold for display purposes only. Ownership of a print does not constitute ownership of copyright. No reproduction rights are granted or implied. The photographer retains full copyright.

Fill in my contact form specifying the following:
1) Image Ref. No. (you will find it on the bottom of each photograph) or its URL.
2) Image size
3) Number of copies
4) Open or limited edition

Turnaround Time
Assuming I am in office and not traveling, it takes about 3 days to have the image printed, and about 5 days to ship it. I won't take any actions until the payment has been received.

Your options for settling the bill are following:

Depending on your choice, the prints are sent flat via normal mail (included in price), recorded mail (add EUR 15), EMS (add EUR 30), courier service (starts from EUR 40 via Fed-Ex). Prints can be shipped anywhere in the world.