Bushmanland, Namibia

Photo Gallery of Frantisek Staud

Around 220 photographs from Eastern Namibia

All photographs by Frantisek Staud

 Bushman wearing pinky Mickey Mouse hat, Namibia
Ju/'hoansi Bushmen
34 photos

 Baobab tree, Bushmanland, Namibia
24 photos
 Little girl and shadow in Den/ui village, Bushmanland, Namibia
Bushman Children
53 photos

 Bushman children in Den/ui village school <br> Bushmanland, Namibia
Bushmanland School
17 photos

 Bushman performing trance dances in Omatako village, Namibia
Trance Dances
20 photos
 Bushman hunter taking aim with his bow, Namibia
Hunting with Bushman
75 photos

All images are copyrighted by Frantisek Staud
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