Photographs of Mt. Fuji

December/January is the best season to visit this sacred mountain as the top is covered by a photogenic snow-cap and the visibility is gorgeous. The other side of the coin is camping at subfreezing temperatures, but the hotels all around are simply beyond my budget.


 Snow-covered peak of Mt Fuji, Japan




Photography by Frantisek Staud
Pictures of sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji and some more are here.

 Snow-covered peak of Mt Fuji, Japan

 Snow-covered peak of Mt Fuji with a Shinto pagoda in the foreground, Japan
 View of Mt Fuji through a Shinto gate (Torii), Japan
Mt. Fuji and pagoda

 Summit of Mt Fuji obscured by clouds, Japan
Mt. Fuji in clouds
Mt. Fuji

Fuji surrounded by clouds
 Mt Fuji and pagoda at sunset, Japan
Mt. Fuji and pines

 Early morning view of Mt Fuji reflected in the Kawaguchi lake, Japan
Mt. Fuji

All images are copyrighted by Frantisek Staud
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