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Frantisek Staud at Jodogahama beach, Japan

Frantisek Staud waiting for the light at Jodogahama beach



During my latest voyage to Japan, I traveled thousands of miles on Japanese trains, climbed recently erupted volcano in Kyushu, witnessed private tea ceremony, experienced the ancient tradition of UKAI - cormorant fishing. I had myself buried into hot sand in Kyushu and enjoyed natural hot springs of Shirahama, I was lucky enough to watch morning practice of Sumo wrestlers in a Tokyo professional stable and was invited for private meditation with a Buddhist monk in the darkness of his temple. I was left speechless in the heights of Tokyo's Mori Tower with millions of city lights beneath and yet again, I could not resist visiting my favorite Zen gardens of Kyoto.

Yes, I had my cameras with me all the time. Bellow are a few samples of what you can expect once all my slides have been scanned. If you want to be informed every time I add new photographs to phototravels.net add your email address to my private mailing list (no spam). In the meantime, you may have a look at my Japanese photographs assembled on my previous trips to Japan.

All photographs by Frantisek Staud

 Detail of Ryogen-in Zen garden, Kyoto, Japan
 Stepping stones in the Moss Garden of Saiho-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan
 Buddhist monk raking the Zen garden of Nanzen-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Zen Gardens of Kyoto

People and streets of Tokyo

Ukai - Cormorant fishing in Uji, Iwakuni and Arashiyama

Sumo wrestlers practicing in a Tokyo stable


Jodogahama beach

Nagasaki at night

Rock formations of Shirahama

Rural Japan of Tono valley

Ryoanji garden, Kyoto

Five storied pagoda, Yamaguchi

Monk on the verandah of Zuihoin

Natural hot springs

Natural hot springs

Fisherman of northern Honshu

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Japanese youth

Shinkansen bullet train

...and many more photographs of Japan to come

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