Frequently asked questions

I want to hang some photographs on my wall. Do you sell fine art prints?

Yes, I do sell photographs for wall decoration.


We would like to use your pictures in our publication/website/adverts...

...but our budget is limited. Can you waive your fees?

Sorry, I am not that desperate to give my images for free just to see them in print. If you want to use any of my pictures for editorial or advertising purposes, then you need to pay for them like everyone else. Check my conditions of use for more details.


What equipment do you use?

The short answer: Nikon system loaded with Fuji slides.
The long answer: Having tried Zenith, Practica, Pentax, Canon and some medium format cameras, I ended up traveling with Nikon F601. After a while I ditched it in favor of manual Nikon FM2n which, together with Nikkor lenses (20/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.4, 105/2.8 micro), currently produces 99.9% of my travel photography (the remaining 0.1% is done by Olympus Stylus Epic (mju II in Europe).
Regarding films, I can't say enough about Fuji Velvia (all my landscape work); for portraits and festivals I have used Fuji Provia, Astia, Sensia or Kodak E100s.


Are you a pro?

The short answer: What do you mean by "a pro"?
The long answer: I do sell photographs and travel writings as a freelancer to books, magazines and newspapers around the world and I am represented by several photobanks, but I've always had other concurrent jobs as well.


Who are you then?

The short answer: full time husband and father, part time freelance researcher, traveler, photographer, and writer.
The long answer: no clue, sorry.


How long did you stay in Japan?

The short answer: 2 years.
The long answer: most of my life, in fact.


How did you put those images online?

I had the Japanese and Scottish work scanned on Kodak PhotoCD and then exercised a machinery of sophisticated programs to convert them into JPEG files. For more details, check Philip Greenspun's or Dmitrii Zagorodnov's tutorials.
The latest additions have been scanned using Nikon Coolscan 4000.
Most of my HTML coding was typed in Notepad.


Can I use your images on my website?

What is your site about? Commercial, personal, nonprofit organization? Drop me a line and I will tell you the conditions of use.